Keri Hui

Keri is a joint PhD candidate in Musicology at King’s College London and Hong Kong University. Her doctoral research centres on Joseph Haydn, 18th-century sensibility (sensibility as a philosophical discourse, a social and literary culture, and a clavichord-oriented musical notion), and keyboard music. Her article on Haydn’s keyboard sonatas is forthcoming in Music & Letters. Her other research interests include the changing aesthetics and ideological associations of the keyboard fantasia as well as Leo Tolstoy and Vaughan Williams’ philosophies of music. 

Keri received her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Southern California. She also studied in Royal College of Music, where she obtained her Master of Performance in Piano and was awarded the Evelyn Tarrant Award for the Artist Diploma programme.

Other interests include theology—particularly typological hermeneutics and biblical intertextuality with an emphasis on Paul’s allusions to Genesis in his epistles—and philosophy, particularly the philosophical thoughts of Michel Foucault, Søren Kierkegaard, and Paul Ricœur.